Photo of Kevin

At the Providence Athenaeum. Photo by James Cummings, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

― I'm taking Old Church Slavonic this semester! ― he hurriedly exclaimed.

― Ultra Slavonic? ― they thought.

PGPs: he, him, his, himself. If you'd like to communicate with me using PGP or another encryption technology, please get in touch to prompt me to finally set it up.

Kevin S. Hawkins

Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communication

University of North Texas Libraries

Q: What's this I hear about libraries doing publishing? I don't get it.

A: Start with "Libraries Beyond Borders: Rethinking Community".

Interested in hiring me as a consultant? I'm not actively seeking consulting work but am open to discussing proposals. If I am unable to do the work, I will try to refer you to someone else who might be able to do so.