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Kevin S. Hawkins

A list of links for making travel plans. Please send corrections and suggestions.

  1. Comprehensive sites
  2. Travel to or from Detroit and Ann Arbor
  3. Going Abroad

Comprehensive sites

Travel to or from Detroit and Ann Arbor

Since I no longer live in Ann Arbor, this section will fall out of date.

See Ann Arbor Links for what to do when you get here, especially the map of selected accommodation near U-M Central Campus.

Going Abroad


Travel to Russia

Information on Russian visas is confusing in many ways, and all the more so because information describing the standard lengths and types of visas issued in different categories, as established in Russian law, rarely takes into account that beginning September 9, 2012, US citizens are by default granted multi-entry visas valid for 36 months unless the visa invitation specifies that it is for a single entry. For a single-entry visa, you should indicate in the application the dates on the visa invitation, whereas for a multi-entry visa, you should indicate a three-year period.

While the country-specific information page on Russia from the US Department of State and a webpage from Invisa Logistics Services LLC provide some information about migration cards (used "to register" your visa), more detailed information is provided by Way to Russia, and extremely detailed information is available in Russian about all sorts of visas except work and student visas, including the "registration" process, in a wiki book.