Getting started with IIIF

Julie Judkins and Kevin S. Hawkins

A previous version of this page was provided as a handout accompanying a presentation called "Enabling Scholarly Annotation Using Open Frameworks for the Web" given as part of a panel at El'Manuscript-2016

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF, pronounced "triple eye eff") has a misleading name. It is a community of institutions, organizations, and companies (some of which are part of the IIIF Consortium) that support the development of the framework itself—"a set of application programming interfaces [APIs] that support interoperability between image repositories," specifically for "viewing, comparing, manipulating and annotating images."1

The best starting point for learning about IIIF is its English-language Wikipedia entry. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can watch a 30-minute introduction on the IIIF YouTube channel.

To see sample uses of IIIF, see these lists of tools and websites (some items are in more than one):

1 "About IIIF"